Van turelmunk  Hogy elfogadjuk amin nem tudunk változtatni,  van batorsagunk, hogy megváltoztassuk, amit lehet, és van bölcsességunk hogy a ketto kozott kulombseget tudjunk tenni.

Asistam la nasteri
Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of a New Man, 1943, Salvador Dali

Vállalkozásokat segítünk a világra

Egy új vállakozás elindítása nagyban hasonlít egy csecsemő születéséhez. A siker reményén túl magával hordozza a kezdeti lelkesedést és az aggodalmakat egyaránt.

Az elhatározást követően a kezdet felelőségekkel és kötelezettségekkel jár. A birokratikus kihívások terhét ügyfeleinktől átvállaljuk annak érdekében hogy Önök felszabadultan örülhessenek az új kezdetének.

Teljeskörü szolgáltatásokat biztosítva ügyfeleinknek, megoldásaink egy optimális működési rendszer kialakítására és fentartására törekszenek, melyek előreláthatóságot és hatékonyságot biztosítanak Ügyfeleink számára a vállalkozások egyre összetettebb célkitüzéseinek elérésének céljából.

Tapasztalatunknak köszönhetően előrelátóak vagyunk, beazonosítjuk és kiküszöböljük a veszélyforrásokat, olyan eszközöket hozva létre amik lehetővé teszik az elért eredmények fenntartását és egyúttal az állandó változásokkal járó szükségszerű modosításokat.

Szakértelmünk meglehetősen széleskörü, több szakterületet magábanfoglaló tevékenységeket bonyolítunk a magán és közszférában működőknek egyaránt.


  • Uniós források
  • csődeljárások
  • ingatlan fejlesztések
  • cégeladás/cégfelvásárlás/tőkebevonás
  • peres ügyekben jogi képviselet
  • büntető jogi képviselet

Creating long lasting solutions

We are determined to lead our clients to their business goals by innovative legal counseling based on custom made solutions which brings predictability and efficiency in short and also long term.

We don`t believe in temporary solutions, we are fully dedicated to our clients keeping them always up to date with all necessary information in order for them to be able to make the best decision being also aware of their legal options.

We are aware of the fact that people are not looking for a lawyer who offers only theoretical legal advice but for practical counseling which brings an ad value to their business.

This is the reason why beside of delivering a wide range and high quality of services our activity combines the necessary knowledge, qualification, loyalty, trustfulness, creativity and sense of responsibility.

The only way to ensure our clients success is to look always for ways to improve ourselves`s efficiency so our strategies are clear and goal oriented.

Swans Reflecting Elephants, 1937, Salvador Dali

Bringing clarity

In a period of time when the legal system is on a continuous change and dominated by ambiguity, unhomogeneous legal practices, contradictory interpretations of the law we are one step ahead challenging ourselves to bring always new, original approach for any complex legal issues our clients are facing.

In order to be able to face the challenging business environment a strong and strategical ground is indispensable. To perform it takes discipline, clear understanding of the potential risks, making the necessary strategical moves, delicate approach of certain tactics, perfect knowledge of the rules, players, creativity and also instinct.

Slave Market with the Dissapearing Bust of Voltaire, 1940, Salvador Dali

The power of prevention, intuition, identification of the opportunities and counterbalance of the risks are the first steps on the way to success.

Still, ambitious and innovative ideas are facing also the strict world of the law which requires high imagination, clarity and creativity.

Our advantage consists in our highly qualified services both on consulting and litigation sphere.

For those who don`t want a lawyer who tells them what not to do but one who tells them how to do it in other to be able to achieve their goals.

Asistam la nasteri
Candlestick or Man, 1940, Salvator Dali

Seeing beyond appearances

Our experience, based on a profound knowledge of the legal system and practice helps us understand the real problems our clients are facing.

We have the wisdom to distinguish between real and appearance. Knowing that a problem can have different type of roots we are always searching for the source and not just treating the symptoms.

We are well anchored in reality and our work is focused on our clients satisfaction getting ahead their expectations..

Characterized by understanding of the market, high competence in our fields of activity, trustfulness and loyalty ,ethics, discipline and sense of responsibility, courage, creativity and adaptability, pragmatism we endeavour exceeding our clients expectations. As a team we share the same values which govern our work, the decisions we take and the way we interact with our clients.

Teamwork, talent, innovation, creativity, ambition, commitment are the most important ingredients which are generating success and maintaining this recipe is our promise to our clients and business partners.

The Ship, 1943, Salvador Dali

Finding the best solutions

We are aware of the fact that each client is unique. So we are able to find the best solution for their issues no matter of the complexity of it, bringing an ad -value to their business.

Trust, understanding, confidentiality are essential in our services so we made a priority of/by developing a strong and close relationship with our clients. This is also a reason why a collaboration with us is so profitable.

Our goal is to bring remarkable results by offering exceptional services which can`t be achieved unless the relationship is based upon full trust and profound understanding of each client.

To reach that goal it takes us not only the know-how but the fully comprehension of each detail of our client`s business as well as a full understanding of the mechanisms and rules of the market they are acting.

We try to anticipate the issues before they occur which might be more important than offering a legal advice once it happened already.

Innovation and cost efficiency is a high priority to us. We emphasize on providing innovative solutions which are custom made for our client`s needs.

Well informed not skeptical

Information represents first of all knowledge.

Knowledge means power.

The information represents a value only if it is held by the right person

Living in a world in which information takes several kinds of forms and in a huge quantity, sometimes being easy to get could be also challenging by creating confusion and bad influence on the daily business activity.

We are using our know-how and experience offering our clients all the necessary information needed for taking the right decision by selecting and filtering them.

Using our vast experience and know-how we analyze all aspects of a case, evaluating all possible risks and outcomes our strategy is built upon the worst-case scenario.

Dream caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pornegranate a
Second Before Awakening, 1944, Salvator Dali